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Trevor Gunn BSc Hons LCH M.ARH

Dr Kam Mann was born and brought up in London and studied medicine at The London Hospital Medical College graduating 30 years ago. He is also a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and Royal College of Physicians. He has studied and worked in the UK, USA and New Zealand, including voluntary work in Tanzania and Peru. He is a very knowledgeable Family Practitioner with 20 years experience. He continues to work in the NHS and performs regulatory work as an appraiser of doctors and medical practices. He has always practised holistically with a special interest in integrative medicine, recognising the role that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can play.

Trevor Gunn comes from a strong science background, having graduated 30 years ago in medical biochemistry from Birmingham University, UK. He has been a licensed Homeopath for over 25 years and is a Holistic Health Practitioner. He lectures in the UK and abroad for homeopathic, naturopathic and osteopathic colleges. He was Vice Principal of the Japanese College of Homeopathy in London and has authored several books including, ‘The Science of Health and Healing’. He has always had a keen interest in health and fitness and was a fitness instructor for many years. He managed the Brighton based, Alive Fitness and Natural Health Centre for 10 years.

Kam, although adept at managing acute medical problems of patients in primary care, is always keen to go back a step and recognises the importance of an in-depth holistic assessment of patients' problems. He is very conscious of the fact that a lack of illness does not necessarily equate to good health.

Similarly, Trevor has been aware of the limitations of therapy, be it conventional or alternative. He realises the importance of addressing the reasons why people become ill, as well as the necessity of having a successful approach to treating illness.

If you are consistently saving people from drowning in a dangerous river, it is useful to pull them out, even more useful to empower people to learn how to swim … and at some time, you have to address why people are falling in.

Kam and Trevor have reflected on the need for patients to be supported in their healing using a blend of conventional and alternative medicine. Throughout the years they have always wondered how conventional and CAM could work together in some capacity to benefit their patients.

The birth of the speKTrum health approach

The speKTrum approach is to integrate the detail of the medical sciences with an holistic overview. This approach embraces the fact that the human body possesses highly evolved systems designed to heal and keep you alive, and that ...

many symptoms of illness are in fact 'intelligent' reactions intended to protect the body when stressed beyond normal limits.

Understanding the intelligence of the human body in disease, enables the patient, holistic therapist, conventional doctor and research scientist to focus on root causes and to work with the natural healing reactions of the body.

Many of our difficulties in treating illness stem from seeing symptoms of disease as the problems that need to be stopped instead of understanding how these symptoms are healing reactions and that the real problems lie elsewhere.

At speKTrum health, we are able to use therapies to stimulate healing reactions and can use conventional medicine to control reactions when necessary, whilst also addressing root causes.

Kam and Trevor have combined their resources (knowledge, experience, expertise) to form speKTrum health, to provide you with a blend of conventional and alternative healthcare. They have developed a clinical base where they recognise the importance of ‘root cause analysis’, i.e. what are the underlying causes of your illness (lifestyle, physical, mental or emotional). This is important in providing effective treatment and also vital in developing preventative healthcare strategies to help reduce the risk of the recurrence of illness in the future.

Of equal importance, through their unique blend of insights, speKTrum health gives you a more complete understanding of what and why your body is behaving the way that it does in illness.

This has the added benefit of reducing the fundamental fear that many people experience in illness whilst also empowering you the patient to work positively to improve your health outcome.

speKTrum health is ultimately more than just the sum of two parts; we have been able to provide a unique combined consultation for all of our patients and are able to use interventions to stimulate your healing reactions, as well as suppress certain reactions when needed. We offer LDN treatment when appropriate, which, paradoxically, can be instrumental in stimulating certain kinds of immune functions.

The key to our success lies in the skillful use of the right combination of therapies and to determine how much to use and when. Many conditions definitely benefit from treatment with a combination of both conventional and alternative medicine. SpeKTrum health creates a respectful and empowered role for the patient, with the ultimate goal of optimal health and wellbeing.