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What is Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term (chronic) condition with inflammation in many joints, leading to pain, swelling and stiffness, often symmetrically on both sides of the body. The small joints of the hands and feet are usually affected first, plus the larger joints of hips and knees, but it can affect other parts of the body as well.

It is an autoimmune condition where the body produces an immune reaction to its own cells in the lining of the joints. This is classically thought of as an error in immune recognition, but there is evidence to show that a person is more susceptible to this condition if they are overloaded with other immune challenges, plus a history of immune problems that were never resolved. For example, research shows many conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, are associated with gluten sensitivity (1) and can often be helped by appropriate dietary changes.

From a speKTrum health perspective this helps us to see the 'intelligence' behind the body's symptoms rather than being an error in the immune function of the patient. So by addressing some of the causative factors and by helping the body to resolve immune challenges we may be able to help certain autoimmune conditions.

Certain types of medication can suppress immunity and can give welcome relief, however, LDN works by stimulating immune function and therefore helps to address underlying issues that have not yet resolved.

(1) R. J. Farrell, M.D., and C. P. Kelly, M.D. - N Engl J Med. (346:180-188) January 17, 2002

Patient Interview:

Kayleen is a patient interviewed by LDN Science. She describes her journey of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and then the challenges of choosing which treatment options she wanted to use with support from her primary care doctor and specialist rheumatologist. She elected to use low dose naltrexone (LDN) in lieu of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) and then patiently increased her dose to minimise side effects and gain maximum benefits.

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Kayleen says:

"Aside from the decrease in inflammation, the definitive proof about LDN’s benefits was the improvement in my mood and fatigue. I feel an 80-85% increase in my overall energy level and mental clarity since starting LDN. I am so grateful. My flares have also decreased in frequency since starting LDN: I have not had a flare since September 2016. LDN has been great for me."

Kayleen supplemented her LDN treatment with a holistic approach using an autoimmune protocol diet (avoiding inflammatory foods), taking supplements (fish oil and Vitamin D) and also taking high doses of probiotics.

See the original article at LDN Science and do explore the speKTrum health website to find out more ways we can support you and please feel free to contact us.

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