Gut Permeability


Gut permeability test (leaky gut) is an assessment of your gut membrane which is a powerful immune and mechanical barrier against excessive absorption of bacteria, food antigens, and other molecules. Both malabsorption and increased intestinal permeability  are associated with many other disorders.


This gut permeability test (also known as leaky gut) uses a urine sample to make the assessment, after taking a specific test drink to check for gut permeability. Changes in gut permeability can result in under-absorption of nutrients or  over-absorption of gut contents.

Either condition can be described as malabsorption, which is often under-diagnosed. A leaky gut (increased gut permeability) may lead to undigested food being absorbed through the gut wall and into the circulation, resulting in characteristic hypersensitivity symptoms, food intolerances, allergies or autoimmune reactions.